Holiday Academy is a children’s holiday camp in London with original and interesting activities for every school holiday

Our dedicated staff team is highly qualified and we adhere to all the Ofsted regulations required of us. Children come to us from all over London and abroad, aged 3-12.

Ruth Peel founded Holiday Academy as she wanted a kids day camp with activities that her step-daughter found interesting. Her children are her bench mark – “if they love being at Holiday academy then I must be doing something right. Holiday Academy is everything I would like for my little ones (and what I would have liked for myself growing up!)”

Since it started Holiday Academy has grown from strength to strength and has become an important resource for parents and children. The amazing concepts from ‘Early Years’ teaching, of inclusiveness, and ‘every child matters’ is something that is in our ethos and we believe that the best way of learning is through play.

See our Safeguarding and child protection policy here