Best Holiday Activities for Kids in London

Hiding the remote control, peeling glue off the floor, going shopping with glittered eyebrows… as a parent, the school holiday can be a trying time.  We’ve all been there.  So give yourself a day off… send the kids to try our amazing holiday activities in London!

After a day (or five, if you’re lucky) at Holiday Academy, the kids will be filled with inspiration and excitement – from dance to fire-lighting, from singing to footy, our holiday activities are designed to be thoroughly engaging.  BEWARE: they may come home with a new passion…

A glorious riot of holiday activities for kids in London
How on earth do we do it?!  Our daily programme is astonishing.  But it’s just like the kids: incredibly full of energy, with diverse interests!   They might be learning the beautiful art of playing a new instrument one day, and heading out to build dens and eat marshmallows on the next.  Our holiday activities in London have a dazzlingly broad scope.  Being unbounded by the curriculum means that Holiday Academy can dish up the kinds of stuff that kids love.  A whole day kayaking – or painting a set for a full musical production – could be on the agenda.

Specialist holiday activities in London
In recent years, interest in Forest School and outdoor learning has exploded.  So we run a Forest School holiday camp that your child can enjoy for one day or a whole week.  It departs from the Holiday Academy premises, so drop-off and collection is the same, but our Forest School gang focuses on outdoor survival and returns with glowing cheeks and happy smiles!  Basics like den-building and fire-lighting are covered (you’ll be surprised how great the kids are with a fire steel), and we venture into topics like bug identification and outdoor art too.  If you have a child who loves the open air then ask about booking him or her onto our Forest School holiday activities in London.  You can mix this up with day(s) at the regular Holiday Academy, which includes outdoor play as well as music, art, drama, and sport.

We also work with a local kayaking company who run kayaking trips along the canal!  For thrill-seekers, this makes an incredible experience.  Kayaking is a special activity that must be pre-booked.   It’s suitable for children aged 8+ and we walk groups to the venue, so normal drop-off times apply. 

More holiday activities for the kids in London
So what else is on the programme at Holiday Academy?  It’s all about the fun stuff.  Our friend Laura X Carle visits to blow a few minds with her amazing ideas.  We love doing things just for the fun of it – who knows what your kids are capable of?  The kids could be designing their own t-shirts, concocting fizzy slime, or jumping around in paint – be prepared for surprises when you pick them up!

Everyone’s mad about zen nowadays, so we have added an element of mindfulness to our programme of holiday activities for children.  Anita Looby comes in to run specialist yoga workshops: the way the kids respond is amazing!  Even the very youngest can have a go at lots of the poses, and there’s an emphasis on deep, relaxing breathing.  It’s a skill that can have helpful applications in everyday life: a real asset for children as well as grown-ups.  (Ask the kids to teach you something when they come home….)

“What about drama?”
We cover loads more than we’ve mentioned here.  It’s worth knowing that, if your kids love something in particular, we sometimes tailor our holiday camps to the groups attending.   (Actually, the agenda can change from day to day as we get to know our group.)  In fact we are pretty flexible all-round, so if you have any requests, or you want to know when our brilliant street-dance instructor will next be here, please get in touch with us. 

Holiday Academy – the best holiday activities in London
Holiday Academy is not just a reliable source of child care.  It’s an adventurous learning programme in its own right!  Holiday Academy was founded by a trained opera singer.  And while it began with a focus on the arts, it wasn’t long at all before our sports enthusiasts joined the team to offer special sessions of footy, tennis and more.  As we grew, we were able to attract some amazing guest coaches, vocal coach Lisa Panther and the super-slick street dancer, Monica Dhinn.    Our programme of holiday activities for children in London is unbeatable value.

Book now to guarantee a place for the school holidays
Don’t dawdle: booking is open well in advance.  So if you’re short of ideas for the next school holidays, give us a shout.  We’ll be doing our amazing thing Every. Single.  Day.  If you’re not working, it’s a great way to give yourself a well-deserved break!