Art Workshops

We always have fun, original, and creative art sessions lined up every school holiday. These art activities are available most afternoons during the many school breaks and half terms throughout the year, as well as at the beginning and end of every day.  Please see the gallery images, scroll through the different holidays and read on, as we feel that encouraging creativity is important for all skills and is hugely beneficial as well as enjoyable! We also have super art workshops given by educators from the Tate and V&A so watch this space!

We love wet and dry art sessions and messy activities, with or without a theme, along with recycling sculptures, clay modelling, painting, printing, sewing, craft, and more. Sometimes the activities are aimed at a narrow children’s age group, but other times they are for everyone, with plenty of scope and room to make individual choices. We strongly believe that children need to develop their creating skills by being given open ended art activities, and we love it when each child produces something different by the end of the session from their own interpretation. We understand that many schools and homes (including mine!) rarely do messy art as it takes more time than anyone usually has to clean up – we do have time at Holiday Academy though, and can provide this hugely important part of childhood – making a great, big, lovely, satisfying mess!

We run great art workshops for children at Holiday Academy as we also believe that art plays an integral role in every child’s development. It boosts creativity, confidence, problem solving skills, focus, non-verbal communication, collaboration, and more. Research has already proven that artistic activities aren’t only fun, they’re also effective at connecting the two hemispheres of the brain!


This results in the strengthening of kids’ cognitive skills, while also helping them realise their true potential. That’s why we offer a variety of art activities that will help children of all ages learn to love expressing themselves in creative ways.

On top of all of that, an art workshop for kids may encourage a child to express himself or herself more confidently and effectively, and this can translate to better performance in academic environments. Even a child’s attitude towards school and learning in general can greatly improve once he or she is exposed to the arts. And by diving into a variety of art projects and activities, a child can also learn new skills and stimulate the mind in brand new ways, potentially leading to higher grades in the classroom, from science to maths and every subject in between.


Even if your child’s school doesn’t have a great art programme in place, you can still give him or her the chance to be exposed to the arts by sending your child to the Holiday Academy. In our art sessions for kids, we focus a lot of our energy on providing kids with the opportunity to learn about art and get delightfully messy by completing a variety of engaging and entertaining projects under the guidance of caring teachers.

It’s ultimately all about starting an interesting conversation through art, as well as creating a wonderful sensory experience with a variety of artistic projects that stimulate the imagination of children of all ages and encourage them to express themselves.


Searching for an inspiring art holiday for kids?

The perfect art holiday is a combination of exploration, imagination, inspiration, and creation.  And that’s just what we provide at Holiday Academy.

Our art workshops are part of a programme of fantastic kids’ activities running every school holiday.   Art is on the agenda with drama, music, and sport – creating an energetic mixture of activities to keep every mind and every hand busy.

Why ours is the best creative holiday for children

When we created Holiday Academy, we decided to include a wide range of activities so that every child is interested and excited – something for everyone.  But for each activity that we run, we’ve always searched for the very best, most inspiring teachers and ideas.  Holiday Academy is about broadening horizons and offering really special opportunities: it’s an art holiday for children with added extras! We run planned activities before 10am, throughout the afternoon and continuing after 4pm run by staff who love art and are able to professionally guide the learning of expressive art and design.

Every now and again we bring in an artist to run a session. Just look who we’ve managed to bring in for our art workshops.  Professional artist Laura X Carle has exhibited in the Tate Modern, and Mar Roig Sarrio is an experienced art facilitator and leader.  Between them they can frequently be found running art workshops all over London, helping families and children to create art like giant moving collages, 3D machines, and magical game characters.  Both of them have recently been on maternity leave with their first borns (synchronicity!) and will be back as soon as they can bring their children.

We are not bound by the school curriculum and we are not fussy about mess – in fact, we want the kids to dive in and lose themselves without worrying about the clean-up.  (We view happy children covered in paint as a sign of a really successful day.)

If you’re looking for a truly inspirational art holiday for kids and you want them to come back bursting with creativity and brimming with imaginative ideas – then Holiday Academy is the place!