HOLIDAY ACADEMY Terms and Conditions – June 2022

The information below explains what Holiday Academy will do for you and what you as the Parent/Guardian have to do when you book your child with Holiday Academy day-camp (this includes the forest school groups). With these terms and conditions we endeavour to promote and protect the welfare of all the children in our care, and pre-empt any difficulties arising. We ask you to respect that we offer a quality service, accommodating parents/children where we are able. The best way to do this is to give us the detail required on the booking system, as you would do for your child’s school, read our emails, and communicate fully with us. Please request our Policies and Procedures by email:

We, as provider will:

  1. Ensure that the day-camp is open between the hours of 8.30am-6pm on the days/weeks advertised
  2. Make available suitable premises and qualified staff at the day-camp
  3. If classes have to be cancelled as a result of an “act of God” (e.g. disruption resulting from extreme weather conditions, earthquakes etc), strikes, terrorist activity, or where local authorities/public guidance advise that classes should be temporarily suspended for health or other reasons, then no refunds or credits will be given
  4. Ensure that your data is data protected
  5. We are not specialist operators for children with special or additional needs but we consider each application, liaising with the parents/carers.
  6. Behaviour management: All children have their ‘off-moments’ and these will be handled in a non-judgmental way. A strategy will be suggested and discussed with the parent/carer and Holiday Academy will make every effort to turn the situation around. If a child/ren’s behaviour, however, is incompatible with the Holiday Academy programme for whatever reason and/or becomes, for example, consistently disruptive affecting the enjoyment of Holiday Academy for others, or a danger to the child itself/other children/members of staff then an unacceptable behaviour warning will be issued. This will be at the discretion of the Holiday Academy Manager. The parent or carer will be contacted immediately for the child to go back into their care, and the possibility of temporary exclusion or full exclusion from Holiday Academy will be discussed.
  7. Reserve the right to exclude a child from Holiday Academy either prior to the Holiday Academy programme, permanently, or for a period of time if the behaviour of the Child or Parent/carer is found in our reasonable opinion, disruptive, dangerous or incompatible (whether as a result of any illness, additional needs, social behavioural problem(s) or otherwise)
  8. The standard of behaviour which is to be regarded as unacceptable at Holiday Academy shall be determined by Holiday Academy
  9. Our decision to decline the booking or exclude a child shall not be open to legal challenge and any payment or travel cost to this end will not be claimed back from Holiday Academy
  10. Reserve the right to reclaim any costs incurred for any damage caused by your children to any Holiday Academy property or venue
  11. Reserve the right to cancel a Holiday Academy day-camp or Forest school day, due to insufficient staff:child ratio, or weather conditions, without refunding.
  12. Reserve the right to change or cancel dates / venue / programme / staff details.

You as parent/guardian shall:

  1. Follow Govt guidelines during a pandemic, and our policies and procedures in general
  2. When you or someone on your behalf books by phone/email/online/face to face and/or pays Holiday Academy you have accepted these terms and conditions, policies and procedures, and any variations must be agreed by the Manager in writing/by email. Responsibility for the complete and correct details of the booking and for payments lies with the person making the initial booking(s).
  3. Pay the fees when you book in advance of your child/ren’s attendance, unless agreed by the Manager. Your place will not be guaranteed without full payment even if a confirmation email has been issued from the website. A surcharge may be added for late payment, last minute changes to bookings, or consistently late pick-ups.
  4. Answer fully and frankly all questions set out in the application form/booking system and update any changes immediately on your booking account.
  5. Advise at the time of booking, so that we are able to be as informed as possible, any requirements, needs, or personal circumstances that you reasonably consider may affect your child/ren during the Holiday Academy programme including special dietary requirements, illness, disabilities, any social behavioural problems (for example, ADHD or any equivalent or similar or any other need that may require support or cause the child/ren to be incompatible with the general enjoyment of other children and staff) or that a child/ren currently has/have or has recently experienced any other personal and/or sensitive information. Any advance information you can give us is extremely helpful, and in most cases we are able to support. Please ask for our policies and procedures
  6. Inform us if your child/ren is/are not able to take part fully and independently in the activities we offer on the understanding that we do not operate a 1:1 child to staff ratio. The setting is a primary school and not a nursery. Please consider when you book if this environment will meet the needs of your child/ren, and let us know immediately by email if we need put a strategy in place. 
  7. Please make sure you read the welcome email, and send your child/ren come(s) to Holiday Academy with the required outer-ware, clothes and shoes (for example, leggings and normal trainers (not croc-style shoes/sandals/heels)) appropriate for the weather/sport/all activities or as advised.
  8. To supply your child with their own sunscreen in Summer, and for you to apply it at drop off please. You must inform us by email if you do not wish your child/ren to have sunscreen applied or is allergic to certain brands.
  9. Give us two or three emergency numbers which are fully contactable by telephone
  10. We would strongly advise you to consent to emergency medical treatment for your child/ren as this is in the event that we cannot contact you and we consider this an essential consent. If you disagree on religious or medical grounds, please contact us to make a special arrangement with us which will include making sure you are available by phone at all times. If you have not made a special arrangment with us, your child will receive medical care.
  11. Be ultimately responsible for the welfare of your child/ren at drop off and collection times throughout the Holiday Academy programme, and advise Holiday Academy in advance by email or by phone when collection of the child is by different carer than the one stated on the attendance register or if you might be late.
  12. Inform Holiday Academy Manager and Owner if there is someone who may try and pick up your child/ren that you strongly do not give permission for
  13. Ensure that if they would like the child/ren to arrive and depart unaccompanied they will sign a form to take full responsibility for any eventuality to/from the entrance of the venue
  14. Ensure your child/ren is/are toilet trained, and bring necessary spare clothes. We manage the occasional accident but if there is an issue we need to make a special arrangement with you so please contact us in advance. We are not able to do 1:1 care at Holiday Academy unless by prior arrangement. We do not have nappy changing or disposal facilities.
  15. Inform Holiday Academy in writing of any food or medicine or activity to which the child/ren is/are allergic and ensure this information is updated immediately if it changes
  16. Agree to safeguard all the children at Holiday Academy by not including any kind of nuts or seeds, nut/seed products or any product not guaranteed nut-free in the snacks and pack lunches, and by reading the emails sent by management regarding safeguarding children with allergies.
  17. Notify us in advance of the booking or immediately if your child/ren has/have been diagnosed with a contagious infection or virus, is convalescing, or has head lice, or has been in contact with someone who has a contagious infection or virus, or has arrived from an area affected by an infection/virus.
  18. Pick up your child/ren soon after we telephone you if the child/ren become(s) unwell at Holiday Academy
  19. Agree that your child/ren’s phones and devices must be stored at your own risk in our reception area as any device or watch which can take a photograph is not permitted into the venue for safeguarding. This needs to be mentioned and the device handed in at drop off every morning.
  20. Agree that all your child/ren’s personal property is your own responsibility (including music instruments and sports gear), unless loss or damage is proven to be due to Holiday Academy’s negligence. If anything is missing when your children leave Holiday Academy please let us know about it right away as there may still be time to find it before we close down at the end of the holiday. We cannot guarantee the return of lost property. Expensive and treasured items such as jewellery, money, designer gear and electronic devices etc are best left safely at home.
  21. Read, understand and agree the Welcome email for Parents, and the Parent Hand-book for Holiday Academy before the holiday and share the information with the adults caring for your children
  22. Agree not to ever copy or use the content of the Holiday Academy programme or any aspect of Holiday Academy directly or indirectly now or in the future
  23. Agree not to manage, operate or assist any business which competes with Holiday Academy while the child is attending Holiday Academy and for a period of two years afterwards


  • Once your place is confirmed, we will not let it be used by anyone else and will make sure we have the correct staff ratio and equipment. On that basis we have to make sure you understand the fees are payable even if you or your child/ren are sick, or not able to attend for any reason.
  • A sibling discount is displayed on the website
  • Credits and refunds will be given at Holiday Academy manager or owner’s discretion otherwise the fee is non-refundable under any circumstances whatsoever except with the prior agreement of Holiday Academy, unless the child/ren has attended the first class of their programme and given notice that they will not be continuing to attend Holiday Academy within 24 hours of attending the first class, in which case the ongoing course fees will be refunded in full if Holiday Academy has been informed before 9am on the next day. This does not apply if the child has received a warning for unacceptable behaviour
  • In the event of cancellation – due to all staff and sessions/workshops already appointed the following fees apply:
    • Up to 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the holiday programme, Holiday Academy will refund any fees minus 10% administration fee.
    • If the cancellation is within 1 week then 50% will be refunded. 
    • If the cancellation is within 2 days then there will be no refund.

Additional Costs

  • If you pay after your child/ren has/have been to Holiday Academy, we will charge an additional admin charge of £10, and then 10% per month for ongoing outstanding payments.
  • Late pick up fees will be charged at the manager’s discretion, due to staff needing to be paid overtime. See Late pick-up policy.
  • The booking is operated on a flexible basis to suit but any alteration in times to those on the website will incur a cost of £7.50 per day and whilst we offer flexibility over date and time changes we cannot always guarantee a space on an alternative date/time.
  • Any bank charges incurred by Holiday Academy due to failed payment will be charged to the parent/guardian

Fee increase

  • Fees will be reviewed each year and any changes will come into effect on 2nd January each year. Holiday Academy reserves the right to review and increase the fees at other times in exceptional circumstances.


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