Break Dance Camp and Workshop for Kids

Although you will recognise some traditional classical types of movements your children are learning, the focus is on hip hop and break dance that kids enjoy so much. Moving to the beat is as normal for children as breathing and walking in sync and soon your little people will be entertaining the family at gatherings and family dinners.

We do want to put a disclaimer here that we select the music very carefully with the young psyche in mind. Our ambition is to teach children to act out responsibly through movement, expressing their feelings to the beat so that music infiltrates their very being. If there is an especially popular song we may use a trax as opposed to a version with vocals, but you can be assured that all music is chosen very carefully indeed.

As well, we aim to have a ton of fun with the kids so we will not sponsor competitions. The music is set to inspire them to get up and get moving with authentic hip hop and break dance steps. The Holiday Academy street dance camp for kids is fun, educational and healthy but not competitive. We are not a dance studio yet your kids will learn the same moves and routines that many of those street dance camps teach.

We offer street dance workshop for kids in half terms and the main holidays, but not every holiday so watch this space and get your registration in early. This is one holiday camp that is sure to fill up quite quickly. One thing we know, Britain’s got talent and you’ll soon see just how much your children have. Let the dance begin!


Dance Camps in London for Kids

We are a multi-activity day-camp and the Street Dance workshops are for some holidays and are 40 minute intensive sessions for each age group during the mornings. We tend to have either Drama or Street dance each holiday.

Of all our offerings at Holiday Academy, kids seem to really love our street dance sessions, as a great way to get moving, learning some cool moves!. Hip hop and rap have become such an integral part of the music scene today that it is being taught in schools and we embrace children being in contact with so many different styles of music at Holiday Academy day-camp. Bboy/Bgirl, Old Skool, New Skool and Freestyle are the ones taught by our Streetdance teacher Monica Dhinn (choreographer and dancer – credits include Major Lazor, Beyonce, Arctic Monkeys, iPod, Glastonbury). She has wowed us many times at Holiday Academy with her ability to connect with all age-groups with great results in a short space of time. She has worked with us since 2013.

We are amazed at the reception we have received to date and the sheer numbers of parents who want to sign their children up for the street dance workshop for kids. Parents and children alike love to move to some of the current chart busters and it is a great way to get out all that pent up emotion! What better way than to move to the feelings coming out of their little bodies?

Street dance/funky dance moves for kids…

Our street dance instructor Monica Dhinn is seriously cool.  (Be wowed by her showreel on Youtube – see how many clips you recognise!)  She’s choreographed and danced for several big stars and – in the school holidays only – teaches her fast, slick street dance moves for the kids at Holiday Academy.

She’s one of our amazing bank of expert instructors, and Monica comes in to lead street dance themed workshops that are designed just for children (3+).   She always surprises us with a range of fresh and current new street dance moves for kids, infusing our days with a hard-to-resist rhythm.   You know Monica’s in when the kids come dancing out of the door.  Mum and Dad won’t want to try these!  (Well, they might.  Good luck!)

As always, the street dance workshops (40 mins) are complemented with other activities that might include yoga, sport, drama, art projects and music.  The Holiday Academy is a bright, vibrant programme offering lots of new opportunities and excitement every day.  It’s our own kind of dance summer camp – non-competitive, fun, and balanced with plenty of play.

If you’re interested in a street dance summer camp then please let us know; we organise our yearly schedule based on demand.  We’re open every holidays (and we take childcare vouchers too).  So come on, get moving!

GET ON THE LIST for dance summer camps in London!

Put your name down today and we’ll let you know when is the next street dance summer camp in London.  They sell out REALLY fast, so register immediately for the first opportunity to book your children in.  Contact us about dance summer camps in London>