Educational Day Trips for Children

At Holiday Academy we are especially pleased with our Holiday Academy outings for kids because we love getting out to see and experience new things. From taking the children on educational outings to the Tate Galleries to local festivals, Forest School or activities in the park there is always something thrilling going on during holidays that kids adore.

When school is in session there is little time for parents to take kids to all the marvels going on around town and during the holidays there is even less time. Our day trips and outings for children open up a whole new world to those who love the chance to see a real live play or get a hands-on experience at an interactive display at a museum.

Sometimes we take our own staff to lead a workshop on an outing, and sometime we have workshops led by the galleries, or museums themselves within their school programmes. Last year we planted seeds in a workshop on the South Bank roof garden, saw all kinds of art exhibitions at Whitechapel gallery and both Tate galleries, the Science museum, the British Museum to see the Inca Gold and a real Mayan jade skull, and we took boat trips on the Thames and on our stretch of the canal. Locally we also went to Regent’s park mosque, the RIBA building for an architectural workshop (which also linked to our trip to the V&A), the Roundhouse for a Christmas show, and our lovely Camden Odeon for some great film showings. We are always looking form productive links with the community around us, carefully researching what’s on, and making use of school visit opportunities where we can.

Kids between the ages of 3 and 12 years are just learning about this big globe we live on, so the Holiday Academy outings camp for kids brings them to places that open whole new worlds to them, and augment what they do at school, and their own school outings. Our Holiday Academy outings for kids promotes many independent skills – learning how to walk safely and responsibly in a group (wearing hi viz vests), looking at maps, and negotiating the London Transport system, guided by our experienced staff.


We have taken a trip to the Planetarium at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich so that our children learnt to become sky watchers as so many generations before them. A visit to the Royal Observatory offered us an inspiring, curriculum-linked experience, with unparalleled opportunities to meet astronomers, engage with cutting-edge science and explore big ideas.

We were so excited! We have recently been to the Science museum to see the launch of Tim Peake, the astronaut, up to the International Space station. We watched the whole thing on huge screens with 3000 other children – it was electrifying!


Holiday Academy outings for kids also gives more exposure to the community at large, particularly the arts, with so many of the top galleries in London.

With their pencils and an exercise book they find an artwork they love, drop to the floor and start drawing! It’s amazing to see this! It does not take much to set their imaginations on fire for the art sessions back at Holiday Academy.


Book Holiday Academy day trips for kids

We are so fortunate having all this just outside our door.  So while you’re at work, let us take the kids on an amazing trip that beats the socks off a day in front of a screen!

Check our What’s On page for the next schedule of day trips for kids.  Or if the holiday that you want isn’t displayed yet, simply get in touch.  We’re probably studying the local listings as you type!  You’ll be surprised how much we can squeeze into the long summer holidays.

Local day trips for kids

What could be happening during the school holidays?  Well, sometimes our trips will be local – we often walk to the community project Pirate Castle, where the kids love spending a day kayaking.  Regent’s Park is nearby and it’s one of our favourites: we’ll often schedule a trip to the park for some exploring and outdoor fun.   Special trips are usually planned in the summer, but could happen anytime something exciting is happening in London (like Tim Peake launching into space!) so book a place now and talk to us about the possibilities!

Day trips fit in nicely with our philosophy of broadening horizons.  Because we’re not bound by a syllabus – or those pesky national tests – we are able to offer exciting extra-curricular activities every week.  And we think that stuff like music, drama, sport/playground games, yoga, kayaking, street dance and generally learning through play build important skills as well as classroom work does or better.  Holiday Academy in general and definitely our day trips for kids offer discovery and the chance to find a brand new passion.   The planets?  Picasso?  Or planting vegetables?  A day trip’s a great way to bring these subjects to life.  Book a place now and we guarantee your kids will be doing something new and awesome during their holidays!