Outstandingly creative/sporty day camp for the school holidays 3-12s in London, NW1

Yours is the only club my 5 & 7 year old LOVE!

Hello Ruth, Thank you! Once again, D had the most fantastic week at Forest School. She came home tired and happy every night and had such fun. Thank you to you and the Forest School teachers for everything that you do!

“We had a very wet day but the children were in good spirits and had water proofs and wellies.”  Forest school leader, Suzy

R is keen to stay longer.. at HA. I can pick up at 4pm which is the agreed time but if its OK  I can pick up at 5pm! Great, they will be asking me to ‘sleep over next’! 

She is super happy with the camp!

And yes, A had a great time and we will book again!

Thanks for taking time to give us feedback. He’s really enjoyed his week! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Thanks! as usual it’s been a pleasure working with you all! Staff member on Junior Forest school


Please say thanks to Stevi, she’s great to work with. Staff member on Junior Forest school


…glowingly warm reports of HA before T started with you in Feb half term, our appreciation of what a wonderful resource you’ve created has only gone up and up since then.

Thank God for Holiday Academy, you save us every holiday!

T has loved it and talked happily about staff and activities and has specifically enjoyed the fact of there being older children around. I have had nothing but respect for all you and the team do and the warm professionalism I’ve seen from everyone. I’ve been so impressed with the quality of staff and of all the sessions and the thought behind them, and that you take children from 3 and give them the experience of seeing older ones around was certainly one of the draws over other provision where he would have been among the biggest children there.

It’s hard to quantify the worth of the whole experience but certainly another big draw is your commitment to bringing such a raft of great expertise across creative and musical, environmental and of course education / childcare professionals to the setting of early years / holiday provision. It demonstrates such a respect for young lives and minds and a welcome relief from the dumbing down of input that can feel quite pervasive in so much that’s aimed at under 5s as a rule!

E loves Forest School as it has given her the opportunity to learn the way kids used to.

you work so hard to pull together a programme that is not just enriching and thoroughly marvellous, but safe, secure and extremely well-run  …you really look after everyone, providing parents with ample information before the start of each session and reminders a day or two prior when necessary.  Parents and kids are all out of their usual routine during holidays and I find this extremely helpful.

J has attended the play-scheme at Camden Square and while it’s perfectly adequate and safe, there is absolutely nothing like your amazing provision in the arts or sport.  It could be said that what you are doing is so far outside the paradigm…

See you in the morning – Mozart awaits!

All I can say is that the boys were enthusiastically explaining to me the various ways one can light a fire, and the influence ambient humidity has on the likelihood of success, right up to the moment they fell asleep. Their happiness is what really informs me on the value of your “provision”: Holiday Academy is a great place to be!

I know the care, love, attention to detail and b***** hard work that you all put into the holiday academy.

A loved her time there this holiday and both P and I leave her in the sure and safe knowledge & confidence that she will be safe, entertained and have a very lovely and enjoyable time!!

You do a great job and offer a valuable service to us as working parents and the variety and quality of activities the kids can do and I know enjoy  is fantastic and I have recommended it highly to others

My child was very happy ay Holiday Academy. She still remembers it with great enthusiasm. YOu even teached her how to play at those small guitars!

I’m so sorry you had such a hard experience. We think Holiday Academy is marvellous and you are amazing. D and C are coming to you on Friday and I know they will have a brilliant time, have learnt lots and will come home happy, having been safe the whole time! We are big fans in this family and will continue to be no matter what Ofsted say!

I would say the same but I don’t have all these words with me…

Thank you so much, Ruth…I am so proud being part of your team.. Nina (member of staff)

I think you and your staff are brilliant…. We will certainly be attending Holiday Academy again…….know we all love what you are doing. Susan xx

I don’t want my child being “taught” or “progressing”. It is the holidays and I want them to be having fun and learning while they experience new things. You’re doing a great job.

My girls enjoyed the couple of sessions they had!

..you are doing good things.

A and I were only saying the other evening how delighted we are with how much C loves your camp, how comfortable he is there and how he always comes home in a great mood. I have done and will continue to recommend you to any parent who asks me for a good camp to send their children to.

..personally I believe that  Holiday Academy is an outstanding children’s camp providing a variety of interesting and engaging activities suitable for each age group; these activities are taught by qualified, caring and knowledgable members of staff/managers. We know that the parents are very happy to bring their children here and trust your services.

We think you’re doing an amazing job!

…it’s great. Charlotte, NW1

Thanks again for the Magic Flute workshop – we were so impressed with the variety of ways the children participated and how much they clearly had loved engaging with the music and the high quality musicianship. I know Nuri got a lot from holiday academy this Easter and I am sure he is going to remember this workshop for a long time. It certainly taught me that kids can enjoy creating and learning music which we might otherwise think of as too difficult for the earlyish years. Carey NW1

Thanks for the last two days, the children had an absolutely fantastic time! Kate

We only used Holiday Academy once when my full-time nanny had to return to Poland to care for her sick mother, but were really impressed (and grateful that such a facility exists).

Positive developments will come from your Ofsted experiences to enable Holiday Academy to continue to thrive and grow .

I look forward to us all getting together to brain storm , share ideas and boast team spirit as we do feel a solid team and I enjoy being part of Holiday Academy and the work we do . (member of staff)

…the enrichment you provide to add to their basic education that is helpful to the children, and the nurturing atmosphere which will support and develop their emotional intelligence. These things will help them learn more effectively in term time, and the holidays is the time to provide a fun, sociable, exciting, consistently positive atmosphere for the children to enjoy so their parents can work.

J absolutely LOVES holiday academy – this is the opinion of very honest 3 year old.

We LOVE Holiday Academy and will continue singing your praises!

My children haven’t joined you yet, but they will.  Much of what appeals is exactly that you have a holistic approach and provide space for a repertoire outside of the ever increasing curriculum / centralised educational strictures.

You seem to have great vision and the tenacity to make it happen.  We are all the beneficiaries of that.

….knowing how much you put into making the Holiday Academy so stimulating and accommodating for such a range of kids.

D has always enjoyed her time with you and your staff – from her tentative visits when she was 3 at Cavendish, to her bounding out of the house to Forest school this Easter. As a child who has to visit without a sibling or other friends on most occasions, it has is always a positive experience for her – and reassuring for us that she is in a happy and safe environment.

She’s had a brilliant time this week and will be back in the Summer. Onwards and upwards.

I wish to add my voice to the chorus of very satisfied customers:  Hannah has been attending Holiday Academy for 3 years for every holiday this Easter being the sole exception, and we’ve both been more than happy with the experiences she’s had with you and your team.

We feel that we have been part of your amazing journey from the small beginnings at the Cavendish. Our kids love to go to Holiday Academy and very much enjoy the increasing variety of educational entertainment you are offering.

We will continue to enjoy and promote your activities!

The kids really love it – that’s one of the reasons why they are coming back regularly, since almost 1.5 – 2 years now.

I just wanted to let you know that we know how enthusiastic C and M are when we tell them they will spend time at the Holiday Academy, what beautiful artistic things they bring home and how many lovely things they tell us about their activities, so we will carry on supporting and recommending you. We will carry on bringing our daughters to the Holiday Academy and I’m sure most parents will do too because we are the ones picking them up at the end of the day covered in mud and paint with a smile on their faces.

Thank you and all the staff for all the effort.

Ruth, you are doing amazing things and both kids and parents value that a lot.

Our son loves his time at the Holiday Academy and always looks forward to going there!

Thanks again for all you do – we really appreciate it

My guys have had fabulous time on holiday with you, I’ve recommended you to friends often. You are great and you do great stuff.

You do such a great job and a valuable one (there are so little great options for working parents) and F really enjoys it.

L really really loved Forest School and did enjoy Kayaking. We will most likely continue with Kayaking going forward into his teens.

We have and always will have the most fond memories about Holiday Academy, 6years full of wonderful, varied and exciting activities.

Thank you Holiday Academy for playing a magical part in my son’s life.

Thanks for Holiday Academy today. D and Ch had a ball and came home smiling and tired out – just the way I like them. I got masses done today so thank goodness for Holiday Academy!!

It was a pleasure working with you and the rest of Holiday Academy staff last week at Primrose. The kids were great (Marco, Sports coach)

I’m going to have to wash my hands again!!! Bea aged 4

He never talks about school but we hear about Holiday Academy every evening – he loves it! (about J aged 4)

Thanks for giving N such a fun time last week – she adored it.

It definitely fills the gaps that schools don’t do! Charlotte Boyens

STAFF TESTIMONIAL from Artist, Laura X Carlé: It was a pleasure to work with you and your staff. They are all very lovely, super helpful and supportive in all my activities, they made the activities possible with their input. Please pass on my thanks to them too.

I really enjoyed every day that I worked there, the children were amazing and creative!

It was lovely to have a free platform to do creative Mondays over the summer.

Really impressed with your academy; they were so so enthusiastic – Vanessa NW3

‘It is very rare to find in London a holiday academy that has such a high standard, is fun for kids of every age group and is incredibly accommodating and flexible for parents too!

Thank you Ruth for doing such a fantastic job. Our son loves it and as a mother it is always a pleasure to see so much passion from everybody involved in running the camp.”

After his great past experiences with Holiday Academy, we would like to register our son, for the December session

Thank you for a fantastic holiday experience, he really enjoyed every moment of it, very enthusiastically!

“I was so impressed by the staff, the organisation, the attention to detail, the care…”.

“This is a good opportunity to thank you and all the amazing teachers for a wonderful 2 weeks”.

“..for her it seems to be a place she’s absolutely at ease”. Kathrin, NW1

“Thanks so much for giving them such a wonderful week. Look forward to seeing you in the winter”.

We were told by our children not to pick up until 6pm! Claire, NW5