Activities and Things to Do With Kids During Half Term in London

Getting organised for this school holiday?  If you’re searching for kids’ half term activities in London, then we can help!  Holiday Academy runs a renowned programme of kids’ half term activities.

So while you’re at work (or just taking a breath and catching up), let us dazzle your kids with a full day of activities and wonder!  Our ambitious programme includes drama / music, dance, sport activities and art… and that’s just day 1! We also run a fantastic outdoor programme called ‘Forest school’ for 3-6s, 6-7s, and 8-12s where the children are in their wellies outside all day!

Things to do with kids in half term
London is a big, open book of opportunities and experiences for kids.  If you’re looking for things to do with kids in half term, then the city is an amazing place to begin.  

What are the best things to do in London over half term?  Well, favourites are the museums and galleries, which are so much fun.  The Tate Modern has some jaw-dropping pieces and the Science Museum is mind blowing!

If you’re looking for things to do with your kids in half term, ask us for tips!  BUT if you’re looking for half term fun for kids while you do something else…. Well, that’s exactly what we’re good at.

Half term fun for kids
We’re not restricted by a syllabus.  We don’t test our kids.  At Holiday Academy we focus on good old fun!  The kids are introduced to new skills and challenges!  One day can be more character-building than a month in school.  If you want to find REAL half-term fun for kids, you can’t give them anything better than a day at the Holiday Academy.

Kids’ half term activities, delivered by experts
Holiday Academy was founded by a trained opera singer.  As well as arts, Ruth wanted to expand the offering to include drama, sport, music, and forest school creating a very well-rounded and delightful programme of kids’ half term activities.  Forest School has become so popular that we now run Forest School groups every school holiday, for kids who just can’t get enough of the fresh air.

Find a new favourite this half term
The half term sometimes creeps up on you.  Before you’ve even had time to google “kids half term activities”, boom!  No school today!  This year, get organised.  Give yourself time to plan a rewarding half term for the kids and for you.  One or two days at Holiday Academy make an excellent addition to the week, giving you a breather, and the kids an extra challenge. 

One of these could spark a new passion for your kids.  So be warned: a day at Holiday Academy could lead to a lifetime’s adventure.

Better half term activities for children at Holiday Academy
Sure, you could book the kids in at the usual child care for a few days this half term… or you could blow their minds with a few sessions at Holiday Academy.  Visit and find out what makes our holiday camps so outrageously fantastic.  Booking is open for half term, so go ahead and book…. Or enquire if you’d like to know what’s on when.