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Outdoor Forest school camp in local parks – book here

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Summer camp 11 July-12 August 2022 at Cavendish school includes the following activities:

Dance: Funky moves and shapes with Tara Linney – encouraging team choreography and burning off that energy

Art: Jo Miller brings her unique teaching back to Holiday Academy this Summer camp, honing techniques, discussing artists, and different styles.
Drama: sessions with Emma Stanford – games, impro, themes, stories, and a focus this Summer holiday on The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, and more Shakespeare following the success of Twelfth Night.

Music: Engaging sessions with Lisa Panther from ‘Soundskool’, who gets the children singing and creating. There’s own-choice songs to learn, lyrics to be adapted for the group, and some body percussion to get stuck into. Children often feel comfortable enough to sing a solo or harmonize. 

More child-led activities as a continuous provision includes crafts, playground and imaginative games, role play, den making, water and sand play, book corner, Lego and board games.

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  • Holiday Academy creative and sporty children’s day camp in NW1 London offers holiday day-care for children aged 3-12 (in age groups) at Cavendish school (near Camden underground tube and overground stations, and good bus services on the high street). Join us for exciting sessions including music, drama, dance, art, and playground games at our day-camp every school holiday.
  • We have plenty of outside space and the children have a netball court-sized playground, and an additional smaller playground. The children are outside from 8.30-10am, 4-6pm, break times, sport sessions and the afternoons. 
  • We also run an outdoor programme if you want to be outside all day in the local parks, we have a fantastic Forest school programme for 3-5s, 5-7s, and 7-12s during the school holidays. All drop offs and pick ups are at a local park and this will be detailed in the welcome email which will come from
  • We are one of the only camps providing day-care from 8.30-6pm for children in London that take 3yr olds. We are Ofsted registered EY444368 and received a ‘Good’ rating. This means we are inspected as if we are a nursery setting. 
  • We have a core day of 10-4pm at the school, but later drop offs and earlier pick ups are available from 8.30am-6pm. Click here to see the prices and times.
  • Currently the Forest school groups do not have extended hours and the drop off and pick ups are at the park.
  • Our appeal is that we have a holistic approach and provide space for a repertoire which compliments the school curriculum and sparks the children’s imaginations and initiave.
  • We have a structured morning with high quality creative sessions starting with art and sport at 8.30am, and sessions including drama, music and sport (depending on the holiday) from 10am until 1pm. During the afternoons children are encouraged to play – there are sport and art activities but it’s also possible to choose books, board games, Lego, dressing up and building dens until 6pm. There is a cosy corner by the books for resting.
  • Each activity or resource is age appropriate. Take a more detailed look here
  • We are not able to provide nappy changing or disposal facilities as this is a primary school setting. Please liaise with us if you have any concerns regarding going to the toilet independently.
  • Please pack a lunch, snacks and a water bottle for your child. Packed lunches can be ordered at which provide healthy children’s snacks and pack lunches that are designed especially for children. Their foods are never deep fried and have no nuts, high fat, salt or sugar foods – just natural, functional, tasty ingredients. This company operates independently of Holiday Academy.

Outdoor Forest school clubs 3-5s, 5-7s, and 7-12s

There’s no such thing as bad weather if you’re wearing the right clothes, and this is so true! The Outdoor Forest school groups will run as usual throughout the 4 seasons. Please be aware when you are booking that if the dates are not green they are fully booked already and places are going fast.

FOREST SCHOOL FOR 5-7s and 7-12s, 10am-4pm Local parks
FOREST SCHOOL FOR 3-5s, 9.45am-3pm Local parks

Holiday Academy day-camp COVID-19 policy

Terms and Conditions apply, and we reserve the right to change venue or any part of the programme to best accommodate the children’s needs. Current COVID-19 Govt guidance will apply.

Our Outdoor FOREST SCHOOL is an inspirational alternative learning experience which takes
place on a regular basis outdoors in natural settings and across all seasons

  • Different activities each holiday
  • How lucky are we to have parks so close by! We go exploring the natural environment in these green spaces: den/shelter building, making hot chocolate in Kelly kettles, team games and making friends, nature crafts, getting muddy, and having a great adventure
  • Outdoor kitchen cooking, learning to make fires safely, and cooking delicious camp fire food
  • Waterproof, outdoor jacket, trousers and boots essential –as are long sleeves, hat or cap and sun screen in Summer.
  • Find out more about Forest School ethos here

*Booking Forest School for the full week is recommended as each session is linked. Prices and dates

*We reserve the right to change the programme

Sample Timetable for the creative/sporty daycamp

*Our basic timetable (‘clubs’ are extra to this)

8.30 – EARLY BIRD Activities include: Art, Games/puzzles, Percussion instruments, Books, Den-building
10-10.30 – WARM UP/WELCOME
10.30-11.10 – Music or Drama/Dance or Sport – Wash hands for snack
11.10-11.30 – SNACK TIME
11.30-12.10 – Music or Drama/Dance or Sport
12.15-12.50 – Music or Drama/Dance or Sport–Wash hands for lunch/Morning-only pickup time
13.00-13.45 – LUNCH
13.45-14.45 – Art/Craft – Sport/Games – Den-building – Storytelling etc
14.50-15.50 – Art/Craft – Sport/Games – Den-building – Story telling– Gather up belongings for Home time/Wash hands for snack
16.00-16.15 – SNACK/Extended day Reviewing the day, Art/Crafts, Games, Books, Den-building
18.00 – HOMETIME

*We reserve the right to changes in the staff/programme