What to bring to Holiday Academy /

Forest School 

It would be great if the children could bring the following:

Warm clothes! The Forest School provides all the waterproofs. Please make sure that your child has warm clothes on (fleece, jumper etc) and also has comfortable wellies for walking.  This is really important as they will be in wellies for the day. It is always suggested to pop in a clean change of clothes as well for when they return from Forest School in case anything is wet!  Especially socks. This would be great and makes sure that your child is comfortable and happy once back from Forest School.

Please let us know if you have any concerns about your child finishing their snacks and packed lunches and we will keep a special eye out. I know from experience with my own children that they can be too busy chatting to eat at lunchtime!

Note: The lunch boxes are not refrigerated so if possible bring an ice pack to keep the food cool, and we are not able to heat up food for Health and Safety reasons Allergies Due to the possibility of children having a severe reaction to nuts and seeds we ask if you could not include any nuts, nut/chocolate/cereal bar products (even children’s products) and other products containing nuts (for example pesto) or not guaranteed nut-free. Please tell your children that there is no sharing food.

This way we are safeguarding the children with epi-pens each holiday, and we are also aware that there may be an unexpected reaction from allergies yet to be diagnosed. It is important for us to know if your child has an allergy or intolerance to any food, first aid plasters, wasp stings or anything else. Please contact us if this is the case or if there any changes to your original booking form.

Medicine at Holiday Academy . We will need you to fill out a permission form for us to give your child medicine, so please contact us ahead of the holiday. It must be prescribed by a doctor in the UK to the child, and in-date.

Attendance For safeguarding protocol we take a child’s attendance record every day and we need you to state on this register every morning the name of who is doing the pick-up that day. Any changes to this must be emailed or telephoned through. If you would like to come early to settle your child, or visit the activity areas, please sign yourself in on the visitor’s attendance register, and wear a parent/visitor sticker. If you need to find lost property, please ask a member of staff to help you.

* We have no nappy changing facilities so all children need to be toilet trained.

Policies, Procedures and Parent/Carer Handbook Please find hard copies at the front desk or we can email these details to you up on request – info@holidayacademy.co.uk

Holiday Academy is a children’s holiday camp in London with original and interesting activities for every school holiday

Our dedicated staff team is highly qualified and we adhere to all the Ofsted regulations required of us. Children come to us from all over London and abroad, aged 3-12.

Ruth Peel founded Holiday Academy as she wanted a kids day camp with activities that her step-daughter found interesting. Her children are her bench mark – “if they love being at Holiday academy then I must be doing something right. Holiday Academy is everything I would like for my little ones and what I would have liked for myself growing up”

Since it started Holiday Academy has grown from strength to strength and has become an important resource for parents and children. The amazing concepts from ‘Early Years’ teaching, of inclusiveness, and ‘every child matters’ is something that is in our ethos and we believe that the best way of learning is through play.