Art workshops for kids at Holiday Academy

Our art workshops for kids are AMAZING! Drop them off to enjoy the kind of messy, exploratory, no-boundaries art that you just can’t accommodate at home…
Holiday Academy in London runs multi-activity camps every school holiday. Our programme is a delicious blend of art, music, dance and physical activity, with art workshops for children on most days.

A children’s art workshop to expand their imaginations

Children’s imaginations are amazing. If you popped your head in to one of our art workshops for kids, you’ll see the children light up with ideas and intrigue. We like to bring in fascinating people, like our friend Laura X Carle, to put all their previous conceptions about art into a blender – and who knows what’ll come out?!
It might not look like a work of art…

That doesn’t matter. We often don’t have an ‘end goal’. The objective is being reached in the madness – as children develop confidence in their ideas and independence in their abilities, all of which is known to improve self-expression and attention span.
Art activities for children at home

Art is a recognised form of therapy. If your child is struggling to communicate their feelings about something, or they are worried, then art sometimes helps. Try: MAKE A TREASURE BOX. Use an old cardboard box with a lid (or make a lid), and give your child glue stick and materials, soft, hard, from the house and garden, to decorate the box. It will be a place to keep treasured things like photographs and collected items, and a source of comfort.

PLAY FAMILY. Use play dough to make family and friends, asking your child what prop each one should have, and let your child play with them to express their feelings and work out anything that’s worrying them. Talk to your child about what their figures will do (and maybe what they should or shouldn’t do). Somehow in this context it can be easier for the children to discuss.

Some of our recent art workshops for kids

Real functioning puppets, junk sculpture, giant collage, and footprint maps – we create art work on a scale that a lot of primary schools can’t achieve. Unbound by curriculum restrictions, we are able to focus on the specific needs of the group – and those change every school holiday. 3 year olds may be more interested in splashing through paint but 8 year olds are up to designing game characters and building machines from cardboard boxes. As always, if your child has a particular interest, it’s a great idea to get in touch with us and find out how we can cater to it.

Holiday Academy: seriously brilliant children’s art workshops in London!

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