Drama workshops for kids: from gentle introduction to full production!

Do you have drama-mad kids? At Holiday Academy, our drama workshops for kids are designed to give everyone an important part. The performers can steer and star in a mini production; quieter personalities can shine in the making of imaginative props and story development; and everyone can get maximum enjoyment from being involved in a really successful show.

Why drama?

It’s not just standing on a stage. Our drama workshops for kids pull in elements from the whole programme at Holiday Academy. Creating an entire production, as we sometimes do, starts with imaginative brainstorming and stretches to costume design, prop-making, script-writing, singing, dancing, and playing a team role. It’s a really huge opportunity for children to develop skills that are special to them, choosing their own direction and maybe even trying something surprising. We never pressure anyone, so the whole production feels inclusive and ultimately rewarding.

Some school holidays we won’t put on a production, but will feature drama workshops as part of a broad programme; these might include singing sessions by our friend Michael Park, who’s a backing vocalist for Russell Watson, or drama sessions run by actor Emma Stanford. Street dance is a popular addition to our programme and we love to bring in star guests, such as the award-winning Monica Dhinn.
Inspiring drama coaches

Holiday Academy is getting a reputation… the good sort! Our coaches are spectacularly talented and great with the kids. We worked hard to assemble an awesome team and it has paid off, helping to create an experience that the kids will remember. Tap About>Team to see our current core team members. Ayo (theatre arts specialist), Lisa (voice coach) and Michael (actor) lead really brilliant drama workshops for kids at Holiday Academy. But we invite extra friends in too: you can expect some surprises on any given school holiday.

Drama workshop or drama camp?

During a regular Holiday Academy programme, jumbled in with all the music, arts and sport, we’ll have a forty-minute drama workshop for kids. Every day there’s a drama session, which may include singing or performing, always with options for children to do something different. It’s part of a rounded programme with something new and interesting every day.

But if you’re looking for a dedicated DRAMA CAMP FOR KIDS, well… you’re in the right place! We have run specialised drama camps for kids in the past and would be delighted to arrange another one. It all depends on demand; if you have dates in mind, get in touch, and we’ll see what we can do!
Come to Holiday Academy: awesome drama workshops in London!
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