Half-term activities for kids of all kinds

Every child is unique.  That’s why there is no universal book on parenting – and why we all feel bewildered sometimes.   By the time the half-term holiday rolls around, your kids might be in need of a break – or something completely different.  At Holiday Academy we run a programme of half-term activities for kids that ranges from mindfulness to kayaking.  We’ll tailor our days to meet the needs of the group, which is different every season.

Half-term activities for kids who need a break
After all, it’s the holiday.  You want to feel they’re relaxing and recharging, not signing up for a week of study.  That’s why Holiday Academy takes the focus off targets and SATs… and puts it back on the stuff that kids love.  Our week-long programme is packed full of fun and enjoyable activities, which might include:  

  • Street dance by the amazing Monica Dhinn
  • Singing and vocal acrobatics with Lisa Panther
  • Football and other sports with Harry Benfield
  • Huge, innovative art projects with Laura X Carle
  • Exciting trips like kayaking
  • Activities like mindfulness, tennis, or music!

Half-term activities for kids who shine outside of school
There’s a lot more pressure on modern kids, and school, with its constant assessment and staffing limitations, is not the optimum setting for all of them.  We see children who are typically quiet… beginning to communicate more and in different ways.  We see children who struggle against an academic measuring stick… thrive on leading a team in den-building. 

Forest School is our dedicated outdoor camp and it’s become one of our most popular kids’ half term activities.   We dress for the weather (providing high-visibility vests) and set up a camp with shelter and fire.  Kids take part in team games and learn to use tools – we’ll even cook our own food together!  Forest school is valuable for developing kids’ sense of empathy and self-esteem as they build their own independence.  They’ll realise a sense of achievement through learning skills like firelighting and using tools.

Half-term activities for kids who are still learning about themselves
Every year we receive requests from parents for camps specialising in music, football or theatre – and we will always try to tailor our programme to the group of children who are attending.  But we love introducing something new too!  Yoga is another of our popular kids’ half term activities.

It’s the perfect entry point for physical activity, and can be enjoyed by children of different abilities.  Our gentle yoga sessions are calming and fun, focusing on breathing and serenity.  We find that many children respond to the exercises, concentrating deeply and gaining a better sense of focus. Contact us to find out whether it’s a part of our next Holiday Academy week.   

Kayak days are also very popular with kids – even those who might be daunted at first!  Kayaking is a relaxing and rewarding activity for those who rise to a challenge.  We work with Pirate Castle (you’ll need to book with them), offering wraparound hours to include kayaking as part of a Holiday Academy day.  Our kayaking days are always booked up quickly, and they’re superb value too.

Half-term activities for kids who express themselves freely
Our art activities are big and bold: junk modelling takes on a new aspect, and we love getting covered in paint.  Unrestricted by a syllabus, we specialise in diversity and daring.

Laura X Carle leads some of the most exciting art classes you’ve ever seen, and we sometimes take trips to art galleries for inspiration too.  Kids are awesome at expressing themselves without restriction, coming up with crazy ideas and gigantic schemes – we try to be in a position to say YES!

Theatre workshops are another huge favourite at Holiday Academy.  Our theatre arts leader, Ayo Oyelami, runs exploratory sessions that can be as big as the kids want.  Some weeks we have full-blown productions underway.  You don’t have to be a star of the show: you can participate by creating sets or quietly writing lines or even songs. 

Discover even MORE half term activities in London for kids…
We’ve hardly even touched the surface of our exciting weekly programme!  Holiday Academy was founded by an opera singer, Ruth Peel.  It’s now run by a team with amazing experiences and skills, and supported by guest coaches who visit frequently.   This enables us to offer top-quality coaching in extra-curricular things like singing and tennis.  To find out what’s on the programme next half term, just get in touch.

We have fantastic location for our half term kids activities in London, but we’re not restricted to our premises – London is a huge, vibrant place, and we help the kids to explore it!  Our half-term activities in London have included kids’ trips to Hyde Park, the Science Museum, and Regent’s Park Mosque. 

Use the Booking Form or give us a call to learn more.