Kids’ fitness classes during the school holidays

With a surge in mid-life fitness, 64% of British parents now say that they think they are fitter than their children (Decathlon, August 2019).  If you’re in that number, how about booking your kids onto one of our kids’ fitness classes this year?

How to stay fit for kids
Hands up who’s bought their first pair of running shoes recently?  As parents become more interested in getting fit, our children become more interested in their iPads – what an irony.  Don’t worry.  If your child is a reluctant exerciser, that’s probably because they just haven’t found their ‘thing’ yet.

Some children are natural team players, and get a buzz from working in a football team.  Others are strength-testers and love the challenge of climbing or running a distance.  And some are fiercely independent and enjoy the energy rush of a game of tennis.  At Holiday Academy, we’ve always looked for new and interesting activities to add to our programme – which is not dictated by a syllabus – and have searched out some of London’s best coaches.

Our programme runs every day of the school holidays and offers a diverse mixture of art, music, theatre, and sports.  We include kids’ fitness classes, such as tennis and yoga, either as part of the regular day or sometimes as optional add-ons (call to find out).  The main programme features a fitness session every morning, with optional extra sessions in the afternoon.  Our resident football coach, Harry, develops these sessions with the age range in mind; so your kids might be practising their football skills, scaling the climbing wall, and playing Dr.Dodgeball – all in one day.  No wonder Holiday Academy kids go home so tired.

Fitness for kids – special street dance workshops

You can find lots of YouTube tutorials on the latest dance moves, but the kids might not approve of your attempts.  Welcome the seriously cool Monica Dhinn.  She’s our guest coach for street dance – and she’s performed on stage with big stars including Kylie.  Loads of kids who wouldn’t enjoy traditional kids’ fitness classes will happily get moving to learn a dance routine – both boys and girls.  And don’t worry… we keep the content suitable for children of all ages!

  • Music is sensitively chosen
  • Self-expression is the main goal
  • Monica teaches the latest hip-hop moves
  • … without the adult overtones.

Our street dance fitness classes are held during selected school holidays, and we will sometimes run a dedicated street dance camp – call for details or to put your children on a waiting list for the next one!

Fitness for kids – kayak packages

Kayaking is something really different and stimulating, especially for kids who love the outdoors and the water.  We are so thrilled to link up with Camden organisation, Pirate Castle.  They offer tuition for kayaking beginners aged 8+.  Their kayaking days are always very well loved!

If you’re interested then go fast, because we only have a handful of kayak spaces every week.  You will need to book Kayak packages with Pirate Castle, and wraparound hours with Holiday Academy.  We’ll then walk the children to the canal venue and pick them up (if you can’t). 

Alternatives to kids’ fitness classes

If your children are shy or reluctant, what can you do?  Remember that fitness doesn’t have to start in a full-blown sweat.  Our yoga session is generally loved by all the kids; led by a qualified yoga teacher, it’s quiet and serene, with focus on breathing, and improves strength and balance.  In our outside space, the climbing wall offers quiet children the chance to do something brilliant. 

Thinking outside the box, a day outdoors can be surprisingly active, in a less demanding way.  Several years ago we introduced a full-time Forest School camp during the holidays, which now runs alongside our classic mixed-programme camp.  Forest School is always a busy day and our leaders incorporate team games and exploration.   The children will learn to use tools and build a shelter, even helping to cook their food.  We know it often gives children the skills and inspiration to take their parents outdoors on another adventure, and that’s our dream!

How to STAY fit for kids…

Having a go at a fitness class is one thing; staying fit is a bigger challenge.  But our hope is that your kids will discover something new and wonderful that sticks with them for life.  Whether it’s a love for outdoor exploration or a passion for kayaking, it will keep them on the path to good health.

To find out what kids’ fitness classes we will be including in our programme at the next Holiday Academy, just get in touch.  Looking for something specific, mentioned in this article or otherwise?  Please contact us.  We’re always thinking of ways to expand our programme and might be able to help offer your child new experiences that they will love.

Use the Booking Form or give us a call to learn more.