holiday camps for kids in uk

(Un)Officially the best kids’ holiday camp in the UK

And why do we think ours is the best kids’ holiday camp? We don’t have a certificate. All we have is the huge grins on their faces. Proof that Holiday Academy is the loudest, funnest, silliest, fastest holiday camp in the land.

Holiday Academy is a kids’ day camp based in NW1 (near Camden) offering a rich and diverse mixture of brilliant activities. It’s on all day, every holiday: and it’s guaranteed to give your kids a totally thrilling and utterly tiring school holiday. Are they ready for this?

Can you hear us?

There’s a lot of – er – vocal expression at a Holiday Academy kids’ holiday camp. What can you hear? It might be the very loud football games, or the joyous stampede for sticks. It might be our actor coach Michael leading warm-ups. Or it might be a horde of kids singing their hearts out to a classic musical (delightful!).

Don’t worry – there is a little bit of quiet time in our day too. We’ve introduced a very popular yoga workshop to our schedule. Anita Looby comes in to teach the kids some yoga poses and breathing techniques. It’s an amazing skill for them to take home and continue during term. But we can’t honestly say that the peace and quiet lasts for long round here…

Have you seen us?

Our holiday camps aren’t limited to one building or even one postcode. If you choose the Forest School option then the kids will be trooping around London’s parks, hunting for insects, building dens and learning how to use real tools. They’ll be doing this in all possible weathers, equipped with snow boots or a giant tarpaulin and fire steel. Our Forest School leaders are super-enthusiastic about rain and mud, with loads of ideas that will reverse the preconceptions of “having to stay in today”!

Our classic holiday day camp group – usually based at the Holiday Academy building – also sets off (decked out in our yellow vests) for occasional adventure days – visiting places like the Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Roundhouse, or the Science Museum. Our day trips are always carefully planned with opportunities for seeing completely new things – like Tim Peake launching into space – and the kids relish the chance to stretch their imaginations. New places and new sights – in fact all new opportunities – are important at Holiday Academy.

What does it feel like?

We aim to give kids a broad range of experiences, especially stuff that they might not do in school. So our Forest School leaders say YES to an adventure in the rain… our Art coaches say YES to sticking feet into paint… and our Drama coaches say YES, let’s stop practising and put on a real show!

Our holiday camps for kids are about giving ALL the children their chance to shine, to grow in confidence and experiment with something that might usually make them shy. In a brand new group, all of whom are bonding together, kids sometimes find themselves liberated!

Ditch the boring holiday camp… choose Holiday Academy!

There are absolutely loads of kids’ holiday camps in the UK. There are jamborees and circus training, football camps and high-brow drama camps… which are great for specialist development, but we think Holiday Academy gives your kids the best of everything. On our doorstep is the magical world of London, filled with art and music, vast constellations and minibeast worlds. In our building, we have created a space for exploration and development of a different kind.

We bring in some truly exceptional coaches in street dance, acting, singing, art, and sport. Our goal is a rich and diverse syllabus that doesn’t feel remotely like “learning”!
Holiday Academy is a non-residential holiday day camp, which is great for kids in London (without the associated costs or stress of travel). Our core hours are 10-4pm. If you’re at work and need wraparound care, we can look after the kids from 8.30 until 6pm.

Book our holiday camps for kids with a taste for adventure

Raring to book our fabulous holiday camp this summer? Now, we don’t like you to simply book a place and drop them off. We’d love to know what your kids like doing – would they like a week at Forest School (which runs in parallel with traditional Holiday Academy), or a taster day?

Are they crazy about football or singing? When you book, tell us all about your kids and we will endeavour to tailor our schedule to the group attending. It could be a drama production one week and a couple of days kayaking the next! Get your oar in and make a request, because our holiday camps for kids are always versatile and shaped around the gang we’ve got. We can’t wait to see you all!