Sports activities for children

At Holiday Academy in London, we specialise in sports activities for kids.  From rugby to climbing, our programme is more diverse than many schools are able to offer. 

Our exciting children’s sports activities range from independent pursuits, like climbing and kayaking, to team games like football and cricket.  Children are encouraged to join in and develop their skills and confidence – for many it’s a valuable chance to shine.

The psychological benefits of sports activities for kids
Studies have shown that participating in team sport reduces social anxiety and improves self-esteem (CPA 2011 – Sport England).   This year, research has suggested that boys do (on average) twice as much physical activity during the day than girls – a loss which can hinder the girls’ mental health and ambition.  Not every child may happily adapt to playing sports, but there are many more outdoor activities that we can do, and Holiday Academy has a strong focus on all of these.

Our sports activities for children
Every holiday camp, children’s sports activities are a key component of our daily programme.  We provide football, cricket, rugby and tennis sessions.   (If we have a footy-mad crowd, we can create a specialised football skills programme!  Our footy coach Harry is on the case.)   We also partner up with a local kayaking organisation called Pirate Castle to offer kayak trips.  Kayaking is one of our best-loved sports activities for kids!   If you’re keen to give your child a go at it, then send us an email (likewise with any sport you think they’d enjoy).

Get outdoors
There’s a real emphasis on physical activity at Holiday Academy in London, and that doesn’t just mean football.  We also run Forest School sessions (as well as dedicated Forest School half term programmes) and brilliant dance sessions (Street dance extraordinaire Monica Dhinn is a regular coach).  Your children will receive the best possible instruction and support to have a go at something new – after all, any physical activity that they can become passionate about is worth discovering.   

Sign up for sports activities for children at Holiday Academy London
Sports activities are part of our daily programme at Holiday Academy.  This October half-term we will have an early morning tennis club.  Our on-site sports activities for children (alongside ‘own choice’ sessions) will include basketball, football and athletics.  On Fridays we usually walk to Regent’s Park for a change of scenery and team games – always tailored to the group that we have, with options for children who don’t always want to participate.

Remember that we are able to tailor holiday camps to the group attending.  So please contact us if you’re booking one or more places and you’re interested in a particular children’s sports activity.  Kayaking days can be booked every school holiday (hurry up, they book fast) but we will run special sports skills sessions if there is a demand.  Holiday Academy in London offers plenty of variety, so your child could be singing at 9 and climbing at 10.  Give them a taste for a new adventure!

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